Introducing Beam CVaaS - Connected Vehicle as a Service
Unlock the value of data generated by your vehicle fleet.

Focus on the services that differentiate your business.
We bring the hardware, software, cloud and cellular networks to get you connected.
Accelerate your connected vehicle platform delivery.
Reduce time-to-market by 12-18 months by not needing to build a team, design a platform and support it through early life.
Experiment with new services and business models.
Rapidly build innovative new services that leverage vehicle connectivity, all with minimal friction.

Beam CVaaS

A robust platform connecting your vehicles, cloud, IT infrastructure and mobile apps. The CVaaS solution includes all the hardware, software and cellular services required for a fully functioning connectivity platform.


There are numerous reasons why you might want to connect to your vehicles, whether it’s to understand usage patterns, perform prognostics, issue instructions to a vehicle, or unlock the agility that over-the-air software updates bring to the automotive industry.

Time-to-market. It is not unusual to spend 12-18 months building, deploying, and stabilising a connected vehicle solution. That stabilisation phase once in production is key – automotive IoT is full of hard to anticipate edge cases. Shortcut this journey using our connectivity platform and extending it for your unique use cases.

Performance. Providing an end-to-end solution allows us to optimise the whole, not the subcomponents. From modems and antennas to software and APIs, we obsessively think about performance. So whereas solutions built on legacy technology can take 10-20 seconds to deliver a message from a mobile app to a vehicle, we can achieve 200ms under typical cellular conditions.

Robustness. With our high-performance antenna design, you also get a more resilient connection to the cloud. Together our optimised hardware and software ensure your vehicles stay online for longer and gracefully manage any blackspots without losing data.

The Analytics Portal

Visualise real-time data from your vehicles.


The great thing about starting with a robust pipeline is that you can build amazing features on top of it, akin to laying solid foundations for a spectacular building.
We ship our platform with some out of the box features, which are universally valuable, but welcome the chance to extend the platform according to your needs.

Telemetry Ingestion & Analytics. Ingest millions of datapoints per vehicle and visualise them with our flexible analytics portal. By looking for trends and leveraging ML insights you can truly understand how your vehicles are used and anticipate when things might fail.

Remote Configuration. The telemetry data that you want to collect will vary through the lifetime of your fleet and on day one, you won't be sure of the data you actually want. Our platform supports granular configuration of the signals and the sampling rate of every signal to ensure you can collect the data you need, when you need it.

Remote Commands. Send commands from your web portal or mobile apps down to a single vehicle, or the whole fleet. Messages use modern cryptography to guarantee integrity and prevent spoofing.

OTA Software Update. The ability to remotely update on-vehicle software is game-changing, but also difficult. We can remotely update our Integrated Telematics Module software and also deliver your software packages down to the vehicle for other modules you want to update.

To find out more about Beam CVaaS or to ask any vehicular IoT questions, get in touch at