What we do

We believe that the best connected experiences are delivered by one team taking an end-to-end systems view – hardware, software, cloud and mobile. This allows us to optimise the whole system for performance and robustness rather than being constrained to tweaking sub-components.

Proposition and User Experience

A superior connected experience begins with the needs of the end user. We help develop user facing propositions based on user research and deep insight. We carry this through to delivery with digital interface design to produce highly usable and useful experiences.

  • Discovery user research
  • Usability testing
  • User experience and interface design


We design bespoke vehicle telematics modules that support multiple wired and wireless protocols in a single integrated unit. We couple this with high performance antenna design.

  • Cellular 4G/5G, GNSS, SDARS, UWB, WLAN and Bluetooth
  • A single data bus connection with no RF coax cables
  • Full CE, FCC, CCC and E-marking compliance covering all radio regulations
  • Test automation for V&V, FCT and end-of-line

Cloud Services

We build on AWS, the world's number one hyperscale cloud.

We deploy an elastic, scalable platform that supports telemetry ingestion, remote commands and file upload/downloads to the vehicle.

  • Vehicle-to-cloud message integrity using modern cryptography
  • Continuous delivery model with automated testing
  • Global solution, deployable in any region including China
  • Analytics platform showing aggregated data and ML insights

Mobile Apps

The solution is multi-channel meaning we can relay messages via the cloud or fallback to direct communications from app-to-vehicle.

  • Mobile user experience and user interface design
  • iOS and Android development
  • Send commands directly from mobile app to vehicle
  • China / Rest-of-world variants
  • Option of embeddable SDK or full bespoke, whitelabelled app

API Management

We know that a connected solution needs to be easy to integrate with other systems. We ensure our APIs are clearly documented, versioned and aligned across the system.

  • On-vehicle integration via CAN or Gateway API
  • IT system APIs (MES, ERP, CRM)
  • Data firehose into your in-house analytics platform

Cellular Management

We can help you balance the best coverage with data costs. We can also help you manage the cellular channels across regions.

  • MNO and SIM management
  • MNO partner evaluation for Europe / USA / China
  • Global or regional models for cellular channel management
  • SIM sourcing (eUICC)
  • SIM management system design and delivery