Monitor Anywhere with OxTS and Beam Connectivity

Beam Connectivity and OxTS demonstrate real time monitoring for Inertial Navigation Systems

August 17, 2022

At Beam Connectivity, our vision is to become the partner of choice for connected systems in the vehicle sector.  


We support vehicle manufacturers and their supply chain to add high performance connectivity to vehicles, collect detailed vehicle data, and provide them with real-time insights into their fleets. Our Connected Vehicle as a Service (CVaaS) platform is an end-to-end connectivity system; which allows our customers to focus on the value of their vehicle data, while we take care of the underlying connection.


We have extended CVaaS to support several use cases ranging from location-based insights, through providing diagnostic data directly from vehicle CAN buses, to integration to EV charge networks.


Rapid deployment to demonstrate value


We have designed a range of telemetry modules in-house, which interface directly into vehicle CAN buses. We get customers up and running with connected data within days and show them the power of real-time insights.


After an introduction to Oxford Technical Solutions (OxTS) at MOVE 21 we did just this, adding connectivity to their existing range of products in a quick turnaround proof-of-concept project.

OxTS are a leading provider of Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) with a vision to “navigate anywhere”. Currently OxTS INS products interface directly to a laptop for real-time data visualisation, requiring an operator to be present, or to a datalogger for post processing.


Adding connectivity allows operators to see data remotely. This reduces the need for an operator at each individual test, while maintaining a high level of support to ensure their success.


Building a business case through proof of concept


To test the integration, OxTS took an RT3000 v3 out on the road in urban and rural Oxfordshire. It was enabled with Quad Constellation support, configured with dual antenna, and NTRIP corrections for RTK positioning.  We connected this to a Beam Connectivity telemetry unit to send data to our web-based Analytics Portal. Total integration time was under a week, to cover all the physical and software interfaces, plus customising the Analytics Portal and getting some real data flowing.


For OxTS it allows them to offer live and proactive support, closing the feedback loop and reducing the amount of time it can take to address calibration and data quality issues. This increases the quality and size of a dataset that can be collected on a test drive, making optimal use of the time spent on a proving ground or the open road.


OxTS are now looking beyond remote real-time monitoring, to understand how else connectivity can enhance their products and services, such as the surveying and drone sectors.


At Beam Connectivity we are very happy to have supported another partner in their connectivity journey. On this occasion, to enable real time monitoring for OxTS.


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About Oxford Technical Solutions

Oxford Technical Solutions (OxTS) – Based in the UK, with offices in the USA and China alongside a global channel partner network, have been experts in inertial navigation since 1998. Their vision is to “Navigate Anywhere”, and they provide ground truthing, georeferencing and autonomy solutions for applications that require high accuracy position and orientation, in all environments. To find out how OxTS can support your needs, visit or contact