Measuring the performance-security trade-off

AESIN Conference 2022: "High performance and high security for Telematics Control Units – can we have both?"

September 7, 2022

Last week we were invited to present at the AESIN Conference 2022 - the UK automotive industry suppliers' innovation network.

We like to get out and talk to the wider industry about the security and performance of connected vehicle systems, as we don't feel like it gets the focus it deserves.

With this in mind, our talk covered:

  1. The challenges for connected vehicles: cyber vulnerabilities are increasing, as are users' expectations for their experience of connected products.
  2. The concept of a "performance penalty" and how that manifests in security controls we take for granted today such as TLS.
  3. A methodology to consistently measure performance metrics for connected vehicles.
  4. The performance impact of adding elliptic curve cryptography to connected vehicle messages; both implemented in software and with hardware acceleration.

Performance vs Security

At Beam we specialise in performance and security of connected vehicles and understand where time is spent sending messages to and from a vehicle.

We continue to develop our best-in-class CVaaS (Connected Vehicle as a Service) platform and as part of this we analyse every detail. One byproduct of this is that we have great insight into the journey of messages between vehicle, cloud and mobile.

Having a millisecond accurate view of vehicle-cloud-mobile message exchanges allows us to optimise the complete end-to-end system for performance, security and user experience.

Please find the full presentation here.

If you would like to get in touch regarding any of these themes, please reach out to us.